Errata #1

Dec 6, 2017


  • I had to call tech support after I couldn’t get into a website. Some server was down, but in the process of figuring this out, we kind of hit it off, sharing laughs about how we were both contractors.
  • I hung out with some cats the other day. It was an adoption, they were looking for owners. One was feisty, one loved pets, and one hid under the blanket the whole time. One had only a single eye. All of them were adorable.
  • Tea. After being a coffee person for the longest time, I began to take to herbal tea last year. I got a really great loose-leaf cinnamony blend as a gift, and it has become my favorite drink–refined, yet delicious.
  • There’s an elevator in my building that had a toaster in it. Then, one day, toast appeared inside. Then, the toaster went away. I thought that would be the last of it, but as of a few days ago there is now a rice cooker. Currently watching out so I don’t trip on rice grains the next time I head in.
  • The frat houses put up their Christmas decorations the other day. There’s something about walking home past the lights and thudding Christmas music that just feels merry.
  • I was cleaning a trash can when I saw two mice trapped inside. I didn’t want them to get thrown away, so I tried lifting one out of it on a box. He leaped off of it onto my arm and jumped into a bush. The other one was a bit skittish, I had to trap him in a cup and lift him out. My arm was scratched but they can go on and do their mice things now, so that’s good.


  • I’ve been putting off buying a new eraser for six weeks now. I told myself I would get one for midterms, but I just ended up crossing stuff out instead. Should really get this handled before finals.
  • It’s already well into my junior year. College is flying by. The second half feels different, you can see the end, unlike at the beginning, where it feels like the whole thing is stretching out in front of you.
  • To prepare for coding interviews a while back so I started doing a bunch of practice problems. I’m done with the interviews now, but whenever I’m bored I still find myself doing them just cause they’re fun. I might have accidentally picked up competitive programming (as if I needed another nerdy hobby…).
  • The urge to make something cool is overwhelming. But what? Eventually, the need to produce may just become so overwhelming I may finally have to take action….


  • Ubuntu 17.10 doesn’t have the drivers to support the Nvidia cards on my Dell laptop. I think this screwed with dpkg? I can’t install stuff using apt-get anymore. Currently resorting to installing stuff from source, like a caveman. Confused grunting.
  • The homepage of this website sucks right now. It’s just a blank page. Thankfully, by the time you read this, it will be totally awesome (right???)


  • Blew through an entire container of Trader Joe’s taquitos last night. I had one…then another…then another. They are just so good.
  • There’s a huge fire burning a couple miles from my school. The place smells like smoke and apparently classes are apparently optional today.
  • I want to write poems and throw them up on here. Yeah, it’s not gonna be just a tech blog. Deal with it. The only issue is I am not a poet, and every verse I write probably kills a cat somewhere. So you probably should leave this website right now and never come back, lest you be subjected to the terrible poetry of a computer science student. It might even be about Javascript (kill me).