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Hoplite: Beer Journal

You love beer. Whether it's at the pub, the grocery store, or that mom and pop brewery down the street, there's always something new to try. But keeping up is hard. Hoplite keeps track of your beer so you don't have to. Forgot that great ale you had in Tijuana the other day? Just check your Hoplite beer journal to track it down. Get insights on your preferences and recommendations based on your past hits and misses.

A must-have on the phone of any beer enthusiast.

Made with React Native.

Under active development, release TBD. For iOS and Android.

Cube Graphs


Blog post

Ever solved the Rubik's cube? If you're like me, you then felt like doing it faster, and faster, and...yeah. Facilitate your addiction with Cube Graphs! Made with ♥ with Django.



This one's just for fun. Draw cool pictures on your screen! Just select a size, drag your cursor, and experience a whole new level of analog artistic expression made digital.

My entire Github


In case you wanted to stalk on every random app or school project I ever you can. Well, feast your eyes on the green tiles of a life well spent. It's all on the internet! For free! Hold onto your hat and dive in.